Miller’s Pt kelp collection

Robert Williamson and Robert Schlegel.
Robert Williamson and Robert Schlegel.

GPS coordinates: S34.23030° E18.47726°

Kelp collection on 25 March 2015. Ecklonia and Laminaria taken from granite boulders at a depth of ~ 6 m. Dive from 10:19 – 10:42 (Robert S and Robert W; Ross and Sam as surface swimmers). The boulders are situated on sand at a depth of approx. 7 m.

Ecklonia occupy the tops of the boulders, while the Laminaria is positioned as a fringe around the boulders. The tops of the boulders reach up to 5 m and are large flat surfaces. The sides of the boulders steeply slope down to sand at 7 m.

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