Visa Fun

Hello avid readers. Unfortunately I do not have a post ready for this Monday as I’ve had to spend the whole day on visa application issues. I recently discovered that a Post Doc visa does not fall under the umbrella of the study visa, as I had been led to believe. Instead one must acquire a Scarce Skills Visa, which is a type of proper work visa. This then requires quite a bit more paperwork and several more steps than the renewal of a study visa.

I can happily say however that the systems in place for visa facilitation have definitely improved since my last visa application in 2014. Not just in SA either. More and more things are able to be completed without the need for couriers. This is always great as mailing things internationally is always the slowest least certain part of the compiling of the supporting documents.

I’ll see if I can’t get a post up later this week with some pretty environmental figures.

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